The House of My Self-Will

As for the house of my self-will, built upon pride, ego, selfishness, fear, resentment, and self-centeredness…I humbly ask God to burn it all down, brick upon brick leave none of […]


Ministry of Nuts Publishing Introduces ‘Recovery’, the First in a Trilogy of Books Offering Insight and Advice for Living Beyond Addiction, Trauma; Meet Author Charlie Amos at Launch Event in Bastrop on August 16/

Thinking Outside the Box

Note to Self When thinking outside or inside the box stopped working for me, I threw away the box. When hanging in there quit working for me, I let go. […]

Be The Miracle

Just be the miracle that you ARE today! “You are a child of God~chosen and dearly loved. Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other […]

Now as an iBook

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Rebirth Day~God Heal the World!

Three years ago today, something completely different began for me. My journey of healing, release from infirmity, freedom from trauma and torment, and my personal journey of recovery began. I […]

Addicts face barriers to treatment

Why is it that our culture is shocked and outraged when a celebrity dies from addiction, but falls deadly silent while neighbors, parents, sons, and daughters continue to die? […]