On June 24, 2012 Ministry of Nuts was spiritually and literally inspired. It began with this story and this prayer.

The Story of the Ant and the Squirrel

So, today I am gardening, and I see this ant. He was carrying this “thing” that was probably 500 times his size. It must’ve been something he needed or something in his way.

And I thought WOW, how God gave that little ant so much strength.

Then I saw this squirrel. He was burying a nut (in my garden of course). And I thought, how much hope and faith that squirrel has. He is planting a tree for future squirrel generations that he’ll never even live to see.

So I prayed, “God, give me the Strength of that ant. Give me the Hope and Faith of that squirrel. God, let me lead your Ministry of Nuts.”

And he granted it. And that’s why I am writing this story.

God wants us to be happy and to laugh. May he bless you now, as the ant and the squirrel with Strength, Hope, and Faith.



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